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5 Reasons Why People Use Stickers on Laptops

Why Do People Use Stickers on Laptops? 

So you're probably here because you're wondering why do people use stickers on laptops? Well it’s for the same reasons people put stickers on cars. Stickers show their interests, support local places, make a political statement, pure decoration, and a lot more. After doing some market research, I found 5 of the top reasons why people use stickers. Let's get started and find out why stickers are getting so much buzz. 

1. Stickers are artworks on your laptop

People see their laptops very often in the information age, more than ever before. Many people love printing their favorite famous painting as stickers, creating a mini art gallery on their laptops, to inspire others with these awesome designs. Any artwork can be made into a sticker. Discover what kinds of stickers are perfect for you and your aesthetic!

 Statistic: Share of households with a computer at home worldwide from 2005 to 2019 | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

2. Self Expression & Personalization 

Stickers show personal flavor and can be used to express your interests. When I get a new laptop, the first thing to do is personalize it. Rather than using just a generic box that anyone else could own, you have something different. Even if it's tacky or cheesy, it is self-expression.

Stickers are also a good way to spot your device. Personalizing your laptop with stickers can also help you tell your MacBook Pro from your friend’s MacBook Pro. I like having random stickers on my computer; it lets me have some fun with a thin metal box and actually make it look like it’s mine.

3. Political Statements & Advocacy

For years, stickers have been used to raise awareness for activism initiatives, and show support for various political causes. Many people are using their laptops as a platform to showcase efforts they want more people to know about - ranging from elections and campaigns to  mental health awareness.


4. Protection

Laptop stickers can cover the entire top of the laptop, preventing scratches and other damages. Our stickers are 2-4 year weatherproof, even durable for cars, dishwashers, and anything else you could think of. Laptops are made to be carried around. This is why they often tend to get marks and scratches over time. It is much easier to change the damaged laptop sticker than to fix the marks on your laptop surface.

5. Removable & Changeable

You can remove the sticker anytime without damaging your laptop. You can also easily replace the current sticker with a new one and reuse the same sticker later on.


Stickers are just cute.

Stickers are pretty affordable and they are not supposed to last forever anyway. You can cover your laptop in aesthetic stickers for a reasonable cost and ultimately, you have something to look at for a few years. Get all the stickers you want- delivered in a cozy mailer to your front door.


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