Hi, I'm Salma! 

I'm interested in art, behavioural neuroscience and entrepreneurship. I want to create art as a mode of social justice such as bringing light to mental health awareness. In 2018, I had the pleasure of having my art displayed at New York University. I hope to continue creating artworks for advocacy of social justices. Here is a link to my portfolio website.

I also enjoy creating art to express and discover my own personality and in a way, connect with others. I look forward to continuing to share my art with you and build a community with my platform here.

Our journey so far!

Over the years, I’ve found passions that now fill my life with meaning - Art, Mental Health & Neuroscience.

Running an small business has been challenging. However, I value this journey as it is full of opportunities of growth. I am excited to begin a visual dialogue, connect with you, and create something wonderful together.

Illustration and design have the power to capture meaning of the little joys, make global changes, and simply express ourselves. Art is my form of expression and it is a pleasure to be able to share my ideas and creativity with you.

Our values

  • Nurture Creativity and Passion
  • Grow a Community Together
  • Celebrate Individuality and Diversity
  • Be Sustainably and Socially Conscious
  • Seek Balance
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