Salma is interested in art, behavioural neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Salma wants to create art as a mode of social justice such as bringing light to mental health awareness. In 2018, Salma had the pleasure of having her art displayed at New York University. She hopes to continue creating artworks for advocacy of social justices. 

Salma looks forward to continuing to share her art with you and to build a community with her platform here.


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Our journey so far

Today, ArtShiNYC is a lifestyle retailer dedicated to providing high-quality stickers, cozy apparel, and handmade paintings designed to spread happiness and positivity. Founded in 2020 in a rich cultural hub in Queens, New York City, ArtShiNYC serves many states in the United States from the west coast to the east coast. ArtShiNYC is also dedicated to an eco-friendly mission from our products to our packaging. Shop online at artshinyc.com and get free shipping on US orders over $50. For special offers, one-of-a-kind discounts, and more, join our email list! Want to be part of the conversation? Follow, share and shop @ArtShiNYC.

Our values

  • Nurture Creativity and Passion
  • Grow a Community Together
  • Celebrate Individuality and Diversity
  • Be Sustainably and Socially Conscious
  • Seek Balance
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