Ambassador Program

Below is the outline for the ArtShiNYC Ambassador Program. ArtShiNYC may reach out to influencers who might want to participate in our program. If you are accepted to the program, you will receive your own promo code and receive payments. ArtShiNYC will then be in contact about the promo code by either email or Instagram DM, so you will be responsible for checking your notifications.



  • ANYONE can apply
  • Must have an Instagram account with high engagement, at least 6%. Engagement rates can be negotiated. You will most likely use your platform to promote your code the most.
  • Instagram accounts should be a personal account and not for a business. (Example: Sara will use her personal account @sara but not her business account @sarascrunchies) 
  • If under 18, MUST have a parent/guardian’s permission to receive commission payments through PayPal
  • Applicant must be over 13 years old
  • Applications will be approved by ArtShiNYC, and all will be accepted except any application that does NOT follow general requirements as well as terms and conditions will NOT be accepted.


  • Ambassadors will receive a discount code that they can share with, friends, family, or followers. 
  • For every time someone uses your discount code, you will receive a commission (aka a percentage of the money earned). Refer to your program’s commission rate to see the percentage you will make.
  • Payments will be sent to you through PayPal, which you can set up in your very own ambassador portal by logging in.
  • The ArtShiNYC Ambassador program is a permanent commitment, but you can choose to leave or discontinue promoting your code at any point. Just let us know.
  • Send in any pictures of product taken to or on Instagram


  • 10% commission from each code use.
  • Customers receive 10% off
  • Posting requirements

      1. An Instagram story telling your followers about your new code.
      2. Including your new code in your Instagram bio.
      3. An Instagram story featuring some products you’ve purchased (be sure to mention your code)


    • More Post ideas:
      1. A feed post with some of your products (tag on insta and mention your code in the caption or comments!)
      2. A TikTok video of your products (tag @artshinyc on TikTok and mention your code!)